River Malcolm, published author:
"Just last night I finished reading your beautiful book. I have never read anything like it. I laughed so loudly that I had everyone on the airplane turning to look at me. I delighted in the eroticism. I was awed by the exploration of what is love---and how do we know whether to trust it? What a thrill to read this story knowing that the two young women flirting in the letters will manage to keep a lifetime commitment, (never an easy accomplishment), and also how wonderful to have even the small chance of knowing the two of you. I loved the way, even in the early phase of falling in love, these two young women and their letters could allow for difference, disagreement, change, and mistakes. I keep thinking who I can give this book to? It is so wonderful and should be widely read." 

 It was selected as a FINALIST in TWO categories at the GCLS Literary Society's AWARDS held in Orlando, Florida, in July 2009.

Dear Shirley,
Well done Ms. Hall!! The book is Brilliant! You should have started writing years ago. Shirley it truly is a beautiful book...the letters are funny, sad,wise,emotive, intimate and glamorous with a real snapshot of international travel and a real tribute to the two of you. But it is real, normal and humbling, personal but not gushing. Congratulations Shirley. By the way, Dad was up to page 83 and couldn't put the book down,
Trevor. (Crossley , mentioned in the book.)

Dear Shirley,
My hands trembled as I opened the package. Once the contents were in my hands, I drew a deep breath and closed my eyes for a moment. Upon turning the book over I smiled at the photographs and captions. There you are, the two of you, living happily in La Jolla and then enjoying the wedding ceremony and celebration! It takes courage, faith and ever so much trust to love someone whose gender, skin color, age, occupation, and any number of other things which do not fall within the expectations others impose upon us.
Your book arrives at a time in my life when hope and trust waver many times throughout the day. I couldn't allow a day or even an hour to pass without sharing this with you. Today I touched a treasury.
In doing so, I remembered that love is everything and with love nearly anything is possible."
Danielle. (Published Author)